Fun for the Whole Family as Cirque du Soleil Soars in Las Vegas and Disney Springs

Securing tickets to the most popular shows in Vegas tonight can be difficult, to say the least. With 2023 fresh on the horizon and a slate of new productions ready to go live, the team at Cirque du Soleil is ready to take all of your time as you look for things to do in Las Vegas.

Before packing your suitcase and flying to Nevada, let’s take some time to assess some of the best Las Vegas shows and things to do in Las Vegas.

Shows For the Whole Family

First and foremost, Cirque du Soleil has been a name synonymous with family-friendly fun for just about any occasion. The troupe first began entertaining people as street performers, jugglers, and stilt walkers. Now one of the planet’s largest producers of circus performances, Cirque du Soleil has a more unique and expansive lineup of productions friendly for the whole family.

Families visiting Las Vegas will want to set time aside to attend a few particularly family-friendly performances during their time. Let’s highlight our favorite Las Vegas shows for kids and their parents.

Visit The Blue Man Group

The wild steel drums turn to smoky blurs beneath the hands of The Blue Man Group. One of the most popular headliners in the Las Vegas catalog, the Blue Man Group, can be found at the Luxor Hotel and Casino, where they offer one-of-a-kind shows on a nightly basis.

Painted blue and unencumbered by words or dialogue, the blue performers utilize their musical skills to blend drumming, light shows, and exciting visual performances into something almost impossible to describe. Brimming with fan inclusion, the Blue Man Group is one of the best Vegas shows.

Take to the Skies With Ka

The team at Cirque du Soleil performs at the MGM Grand atop a 360-degree stage that manifests the sweeping saga of Ka. Following a set of twins, the story of Ka invokes an action on the ground and in the air as mighty warriors utilize their martial arts skills in dazzling displays of puppetry, pyrotechnics, and combat.

Ka can be an intimidating experience for children under three as the lighting and intermittent darkness may cause some fear. Ka is otherwise an exciting journey fit for the entire family.

Family Fun in Disney Springs

If you want to get away from Las Vegas for fun in Florida, Cirque du Soleil has a riveting show to share at Disney Springs in the World of Disney. In a shocking never-before-seen collaboration, Disney and Cirque du Soleil teamed together to tell the story of Julie in Drawn to Life.

Drawn to Life is an amalgamation of what makes the team at Disney so special while underscoring the specific talents provided by Cirque du Soleil. Amazing wardrobes and costumes highlight a family-friendly experience that has to be seen to be properly understood.