1. 365 FOR A YEAR.

You all must have been searching for a way to  

 spend your time in this pandemic entertaining.

 We have that solution for you by introducing to the ZEE5 CLUB PACK  where you can enjoy all the shows like drama, romance, crime thriller, and action in this OTT platform. This pack highlights with shows like Zindagi, Alt Balaji Show, with no ads while watching your favorite serials. We are sure that no one will like it when you are intercepted while watching your favorite show or series.

This ZEE5 Club pack is where you can find all that you need to watch on the tv shows. All you need to do is that you need to subscribe to this pack so that you can enjoy this with a cup of popcorn and a drink of juice with your family. This plan is rolled to you against the competition of all the other websites and sites which are major working in the OTT platform. This offer is valid for all the users throughout the year for just Rs. 365 per annum. You also have a premium subscription in this pack but we would suggest you subscribe to this club pack which will be more efficient.

This ZEE5 CLUB PACK includes movies from languages like Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Bangla, and Marathi. You can watch all the movies with no add in-between. The main point that you need to note is that this pack is available at the cheapest rate when compared to amazon prime and Netflix. So, a lot of people walk towards this club pack for watching their favorite movies and series.ZEE5 Launches Club Pack Focused on Before TV, Zindagi Shows & ZEE5-Alt Balaji Originals. ZEE5 Club Pack is the best cord-cutting option for the new age woman. All those women out there who are fond of those series and famous tv-shows are welcomed to subscribe to this club pack so that you can watch these movies and series with your family without any disturbance and without an end because you are subscribing this pack for a whole year with just Rs. 365.

Entertainment Becomes Even More Personalized With ZEE5 Club Pack Because you have all the Hindi shows like,

  • Baarish
  • Gandhi Baat
  • Ragini MMS Return
  • XXX UNcensored
  • Kehne Ko Humsafar Hai
  • Bhalla calling Bhalla
  • Who’s Your Daddy

And may more series which you would love in all the languages. Watching a movie or a series in this OTT platform makes it even better when it comes to this ZEE5 club pack and you subscribe to this pack for a whole year with a lot of features. Love Watching Romance & Drama? Watch it all on the New Zindagi Shows & ZEE5-Alt Balaji Originals shows only with the ZEE5 Club Pack.


STEP 1: click the link which is provided below to subscribe your own ZEE5 Club Pack

STEP 2: you will find a subscription way on the top left corner of your screen. Click it.

STEP 3: you will have 2 options which are all access and club access. You need to choose the club access which is Rs. 365 a year.

STEP 4: you will be asked to fill your verified mobile number for a subscription. And you will be sent an OTP for further verification.  

STEP 5: use amazon pay or any other digital payment mode for your subscription. Once you complete your payment your subscription will be accessed.

This ZEE5 Club Pack will never make you miss the times when you when for a movie with your whole family. This will screen you all the kinds of new Hindi, Tamil, and many other languages so that you can watch any kind of language movie in it. Love Watching Romance & Drama? Watch it all on the New Zindagi Shows & ZEE5-Alt Balaji Originals shows only with the ZEE5 Club Pack. #ZindagiOnZEE5: 5 Most-Loved Zindagi Shows To Watch While You Are Stuck At Home.